Frequently Asked Questions

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iWorksheet - contains the interactive activities provided per lesson. These activities are answered after each lesson discussion is presented by the teacher.

iExam - contains the pre-made interactive exam. This can be used by the teacher as a periodical or long quiz exam. These exams are answered upon instruction of the teacher.

The password for each lesson will be provided to you by your teacher. This password is provided only after each lesson is presented or discussed by the teacher.

Ask help to an adult if you are having difficulty typing the password.

Complete name, section name, and correct teacher's e-mail account is needed so that your teacher can easily check and record the result of your activities. Errors may happen if you do not type your complete information.

Ask help to an adult if you are having difficulty typing your information.

Once you have finished answering your activities or exam, iWorksheet or iExam will automatically send the result online. Just make sure that you have internet connection on your computer or laptop.

Yes you can and the result of your activity will still be sent to your teacher. But your teacher has the option not to consider the result especially if it was taken beyond the activity period.

If for review purpose only, just disconnect your internet connection so that it won't be sent to your teacher.

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