Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes we do. We provide teachers' training on a per schedule basis. It can be virtual or on a face-to-face setup.

You can coordinate with the assigned Area Manager for your school.

Let the students use the iWorksheet after each lesson was presented using the iPresent resource. Provide them with the iWorksheet activity password. Password is found on the iPassword resource.

You can use the iPresent resource as your discussion material. It can be used when you are teaching online or face-to-face.

Results and answers to activities are sent to your e-mail. Provide them with your e-mail address together with the password you will give them. This will allow the activity to send you their results.

Please watch video for reference and instruction.

You can easily organize the results sent to your e-mail by watching this video tutorial.

How to Use: Students can tear the worksheets per lesson and write their names on it which allows them to submit it to you just like an exam paper.

When to Use: You can let them answer this worksheets after every lesson discussion.

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